• Pre-cooked to measure

  • Automatic Packaging Line

Shall we cook for (you) in advance?

Pre-cooking provides many benefits. The pre-cooked products can be processed immediately, give less or no waste, the quality is constant and the taste is optimal. On our cooking lines, the product doneness is tailored to your wishes. We can pre-cook all our noodles as well as all types of pasta.

Pre-cooked offers advantages


Ideal ease of use, guaranteed consistent quality, at any desired doneness

Refrigeration and packaging

After cooking, the product is cooled and packaged within 10 minutes below 7 degrees Celsius. This under strictly controlled conditions. Our company is FSSC 22000 certified.

Ready to Heat

Ready to Heat delivers pre-cooked noodles, pasta and rice for optimal convenience through short preparation in wok, steamer or microwave. Available from portion to bulk packaging and is ideal for various preparation methods. Ideal convenience.

Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat noodles, pasta or rice that is immediately ready for consumption. Extremely suitable for use in salads. Always the perfect bite. Allows direct assembly. Convenience and quality.