Rolled noodles, our craft; The best pasta, our pride!

Mixing and rolling the dough

Everything starts with the machine where the ingredients are mixed and kneaded, and then ‘double-rolled’ through the authentic process. This creates an airy dough. The fluffier the noodles, the more flavors the noodles can absorb during cooking.

Cutting the dough

The dough is cut to the desired size with a special machine. At this step, control is essential. The machine does the work, but we keep a close eye on this. This allows us to guarantee an excellent quality of the noodles.

Innovation and surprise

New products enrich our range, such as these green delicious algae noodles.

Drying the noodles

Drying the rolled noodles is the last crucial step in the process; The fresh noodles are hung in special drying cabinets, where they are dried for about 14 hours at a low temperature of 60 degrees Celsius on average.

Wrapping the noodles

The final step in the process is to pack the noodles. This can come in many forms: from large blue crates or boxes of 10 kilos for the industry, to the 250 grams packaging for the supermarket.