December 14, 2023

Peter explains: Running a family business

A family business for more than half a century

I see running a family business as an honorable task. Because where my parents laid the foundation for our beautiful company more than 56 years ago, it was up to my sister and me to continue where my parents left off. At the time, my parents started with 1 self-adapted dough rolling machine that produced 50kg per day. Now, more than half a century later, that is 1000kg per hour and we have grown into a major company.

Nowadays we don’t just make noodles either. We have specialized in the field of noodles, pasta and rice, with an emphasis on tailor-made solutions for the needs of our customers.

The factory has been expanded considerably, including its own cooking department. Here we meet the demand for chilled noodles, pasta and rice. But we’ve outgrown our premises. In 2021 we achieved a growth of 25% and this year we are even growing 40%. This is no longer possible at the current location and with the current production lines. That is why we are going to expand again, at a different location a stone’s throw from where we are now. The construction drawings for the new factory are ready to be executed. Imagine that in a year’s time we can further expand our specialisation from a completely new factory? And at the opening of the building, my parents, then 91 and 88 years old, cut the ribbon. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

Short lines of communication

The advantage of a family business is that the lines of communication are short. We know what we can expect from each other. That makes it easier to make big decisions. We have the same drive, we trust each other. We have the same goal in mind and we are working towards it together. That works well and very efficiently.

Piet van der Moolen: ‘You can always count on family. If there’s something, they all fly for it.’

Gained complete trust

My father gave us his full confidence. And I’ve always felt that way. The moment my father withdrew, my sister and I were given full control. Of course, my father’s heart is still in ‘his’ company, but we were given the freedom to do business as we wished. Unfortunately, I have been at the helm without my sister for several years now. That was difficult in the beginning, but I found my way. Fortunately, my father is still closely involved in our company. And I think that’s great, the love for the family business always remains.

Putting our shoulders to the wheel together

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. We also know our ups and downs. The Corona period, for example, was quite exciting, as it is for many companies. But over the years, we have ensured our continuity and by putting our shoulders to the wheel together and being creative, we have not lost any turnover. Our ambitions have remained intact and perhaps more relevant than ever. Especially with an eye to the future and our growth plans in the new building!

More capacity means more staff

We are independent in the market, we have the freedom to determine our own course. We continue to innovate and grow. This means that we always need good and motivated staff. We have a strong core and soon in the new building we will be able to create an optimal working environment with an improved workflow. With a great team of the right people around us, we can only become stronger and look to the future.

A lot has changed since 1966

My parents built a wonderful business, which my sister and I took over in 2000. A lot has changed since then, of course. Both on a personal and professional level. The whole process is automated. But what hasn’t changed is the authentic way we prepare our products. Although no longer by hand, the automatic process is still based on the original, Chinese way of making noodles.

Running a family business is beautiful, but it’s also hard work. Because despite all the challenges in the world, I want to continue to act according to my parents’ convictions: to deliver honest and high-quality products with passion. Fortunately, our customers are companies that identify with this. What we do, we do well. We have a family name to uphold!