Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles offer a hearty bite and are perfect for rich broths and flavorful Japanese dishes.

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Firm texture even after long cooking

Easy to prepare

Excellent absorption of flavour

Versatile use

Beautiful yellow color

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Ramen noodles are an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, known for their firm texture and ability to hold rich, flavorful broths well. Made from wheat flour and kansui (alkaline water), these noodles have a unique bounce and a light yellow color. The addition of kansui ensures that ramen noodles retain their characteristic bite even after prolonged cooking, making them ideal for both traditional ramen soup dishes and modern fusion creations.

These noodles are ideal for chefs and home cooks who want to enjoy authentic Japanese flavors while also experimenting with innovative dishes. Ramen noodles fit perfectly into a wide range of culinary applications, from simple miso ramen to complex tonkotsu ramen. They can also be used in cold dishes such as hiyashi chuka, a refreshing cold noodle dish with vegetables and egg.

Ramen noodles are loved not only for their texture, but also for their ability to absorb the rich flavors of broths and sauces. This makes them a great choice for both traditional and modern dishes.